Google Analytics Audit 101

Account and Property Level

The first starting places of your google analytics audit are account and property level settings. I am listing out some required fields that you should make a note of in an excel sheet. A well-formatted excel sheet will be highly useful to continue this auditing process neat and tidy. Check the image below to understand how you should document the audit report. I am also explaining them in short.

Property and View

I am sure you are keeping this data in the excel and organized way, and you will do the same for this section.

Google Analytics Data Accuracy

Once you setup your analytics account, you can check the Real Time report and check it. The purpose of the Real Time report is to find out if it is working correctly. Most of the time, you may find it working correctly, yet you should check it thoroughly. Keep this data in the same excel sheet.

Google Chrome Extensions

You should use some tools that will undoubtedly help you to reduce your effort when auditing. One of my favorite tools is the Google Tag Assistant extension. This chrome extension is handy and can save you time when you are doing auditing.



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